Welcome Prof. Zegao Wang from Sichuan University to be Committee Member!

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A. Prof. Zegao Wang

Sichuan University, China

Research Area:

Electronic functional film and its devices

Scanning probe microscopy

Research Experience:

Dr. Zegao Wang’s research focus on the synthesis and property of two dimensional electronics materials including graphene, MoS2, PtSe2 et al. Especially, he focus on developing new mythology to in-situ study the local transport mechanism by scanning probe technology. Until now, he has published more than 120 papers, including Science Advances, PNAS, Advanced Materials, ACS Nano et al. His H-index is 30. In 2018/2019, he was organized as a special session chair in International Conference IEEE 3M-NANO. He was obtained "Thousand Young Talent Program of Sichuan Province" at 2019 and "Hundred Young Talent Program of Sichuan University" Professor at 2018.


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