Welcome Prof. Lingyun Bai from Jiangxi Normal University of Science and Technology to be Committee Member!

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Associate Prof. Lingyun Bai, Jiangxi Normal Univerisity of Science and Technology, China

Research Area: High-temperature Corrosion-resistant Materials; Composite

Research Experience: Since the beginning of the master's study stage, I have been engaged in the research work of rare earth doped composite materials, and the traditional material preparation methods are combined with wet chemical methods to prepare new composite materials. In 2006, I worked in Jiangxi Normal University of Science and Technology Materials College (now the College of Materials and Electrical and Mechanical Arts), Jiangxi Province Material Surface Engineering Key Laboratory, engaged in high temperature oxidation materials and coating research. In 2018, I studied for Ph.D. in materials in Nanchang University, engaged in high temperature chlorine corrosion, sulfur corrosion materials and coating research. As of December 2019, I presided over 2 projects of Jiangxi Provincial Education Department, 1 granted invention patent (first finisher), published 1 book (first editor-in-chief), presided over 2 school-level scientific research projects, school-level education reform topics 3 items, presided over the school-level high-quality micro-course construction project (key) 1, participated in (ranked second) School-level quality online course construction 1, participate in the national fund project 2, participate in the provincial topic 4. The first author's identity published EI included 18 articles, ISTP included 2 articles, the first author identity published 4 teaching reform articles.

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